DeafWire Edition – 9 December 2023

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University designed for disabled people

In Cali, Colombia, in the Ricardo Balcázar neighborhood in the Aguablanca District, the first university in Latin America for people with disabilities has been founded. The building, which began construction in 2020, had an approximate cost of USD $850,000 and is adapted for people with cognitive, hearing, and mobility limitations. Approximately 300 young people with disabilities will benefit from it. Jeison Aristizábal, founder of the Association of Disabled Persons of Valle, Asodisvalle, and the University, said, “We are happy to fulfill a dream, which is this university. This dream started five years ago because our children grew up, and we began to think about their future.” Additionally, he mentioned that the university will have classrooms, computer rooms, a dining hall, and an artificial intelligence center, which will become an artificial engineering faculty designed for quadriplegic individuals or those who are autistic.


Pan American Games not accessible

During the inauguration ceremony of the 2023 Pan American Games held in Santiago, Chile, viewers took to social media to express their thoughts on various moments of the event. One significant detail that caught attention was the absence of a sign language interpreter during the broadcast. Audiences across different social media platforms highlighted the lack of support for individuals with hearing disabilities in any of the live broadcast channels.

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MTN Uganda gifts Deaf school art computer lab

MTN Ugandan Foundation, teaming up with Sense International Uganda, has launched the Digital Access Program (DAP) to boost digital inclusivity. The new computer lab, valued at 124 million Ugandan shilling ($32,000 USD), is located at the Ngora School for the Deaf (NSD) in Ngora District, Eastern Uganda. NSD is one of only three Deaf schools in Uganda, and it is home to over 100 Deaf students. The new lab consists of ten computers, a projector, a printer, sound amplifiers, power backup, and a one-year maintenance plan.

The Old Fogeys

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Deaf thrives with sign language interpreter

Farid Alimardani, a 55-year-old Deaf man from Westminster, England, never thought a customer-facing role would be possible for him. Five years ago, he worked at Waitrose, a British supermarket chain. In 2018, Alimardani applied for the government’s Access to Work program, which assists people with disabilities in entering or staying in the workforce. This publicly funded scheme provides support for disabled individuals. Through this program, Alimardani received funding for an interpreter. Emma Thomas, a 39-year-old British Sign Language (BSL) interpreter from Hove, became a close friend of Alimardani, forming a team to ensure effective communication with customers.


Workshop on sign language for dentistry

Fatima Jinnah Dental College (FJDC) in Karachi, Pakistan, and the Pakistan Association for the Deaf (PAD) teamed up to organize a workshop aimed to help dentists communicate effectively using Pakistan Sign Language when interacting with Deaf patients. Participating dentists not only learned basic Pakistan Sign Language but also practiced using sign language in various situations, emphasizing the importance of communication access in medical settings.

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