DeafWire Edition – 24 February 2024

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Lego includes Deaf characters

Lego is a world-famous toy from Denmark, which children have been playing with for more than 60 years. Amongst the variety of legos are little people. Recently a new character appeared - a Deaf man with a hearing aid and a CI. This is a step towards the human rights of Deaf people gradually becoming equal! 


Young Deaf Athletes Compete

A 14-year-old Deaf Italian woman won gold medals in the 100, 200, and 400 meters race in athletics at the first World Youth Games in Brazil. ICSD announced that these games will officially rotate. This is a great opportunity for juniors, giving them experience and motivation for future participation with adults at Deaflympics.

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First Deaf Traditional Ruler

History was made in Nigeria as Royal Highness Eze Ohaeri II, who is Deaf, was pronounced as the traditional ruler of the Umuawa Alaocha Autonomous Community. Royal Highness Eze Ohaeri II is the son of the late Eze Anyiam Ohaeri I. The appointment of Eze Ohaeri marks a big step forward in the inclusion of Deaf individuals in Nigerian society.

The Old Fogeys

See this week’s cartoon.

THE OLD FOGEYS – View cartoon


Store trains staff in sign language

A retail store in Tipperary, Ireland, called Mr Price, is setting a great example by prioritizing inclusivity. The store has taken proactive steps to ensure effective communication with two Deaf employees by teaching all 19 employees Irish Sign Language (ISL). The first Deaf member, Patrick Collins, joined the team in September, followed by another Deaf member who started a work experience program in January. The store manager, Olga Zablkanskaja, said they decided to learn ISL when Patrick joined. An organization called Chime supports Deaf and hard-of-hearing people by advocating for their equal access and inclusion in workplaces. 


Choir signs the national anthem

On February 2nd, a choir in South Korea sang the national anthem using Korean Sign Language (KSL) at Seoul's Modu Art Theater. This event marked the beginning of the Korean Sign Language Day, which is celebrated every year on February 3rd to commemorate the enactment date of the Korean Sign Language Act (February 3rd, 2016). On this significant day, KSL was recognized as the official language of Deaf people, and with the same qualifications as the Korean spoken language. Since then, the anniversary day has been established as a legal holiday to help raise public awareness of KSL.

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