DeafWire Edition – 17 February 2024

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ASL performers at Super Bowl

The National Association of the Deaf (NAD), Alexis Kashar of Love Sign, and the National Football League (NFL) selected three Deaf individuals to perform in American Sign Language (ASL) alongside singers at the Super Bowl LVIII in Las Vegas, Nevada. The event occurred yesterday, February 11th. In the pregame festivities and Apple Music Super Bowl Halftime Show, Daniel Durant sang alongside Reba McEntire who sang the national anthem. Daniel is known for his role in the Academy Award-winning film 'CODA' and for appearing on Dancing with the Stars. Daniel spoke out on Instagram saying, “I’m excited and honored to perform the National Anthem at Super Bowl LVIII – can’t wait to be there with other amazing deaf performers Anjel Piñero and Shaheem Sanchez – they will be fire to watch.”


Deaf sue cinemas over captions

Six Deaf Australians, including Simon Anderson and Philip Waters, are taking legal action against Hoyts, one of Australia's largest cinema chains. Simon says he faces challenges with the CaptiView closed-captioning technology device currently used in cinemas. Introduced in 2009, the CaptiView device provides subtitles on a small screen attached to the cup holder. However, Deaf individuals still face difficulties using Captiview as it requires them to stay perfectly still - making the cinema experience uncomfortable. Users must also focus on the device, causing eye strain and missing out on the complete movie experience.  

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Sign language interpreter at concerts

Recent Coldplay concerts in Singapore and the Philippines brought a new level of accessibility, inclusion and enjoyment for Deaf concert-goers. In Coldplay's "Music of the Spheres" tour in the Philippines, Filipino Sign Language (FSL) interpreter Bayani Generoso Jr. enhanced the concert experience for Deaf attendees by creatively signing and dancing to the music. Deaf fans expressed such gratitude and highlighted the need for increased sign language access at Asian concerts.

The Old Fogeys

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THE OLD FOGEYS – View cartoon


Creative Deaf artist

From a young age, Nur Amiratul Farahin Ab Rahman, 26, found solace in art. Her Deafness brought a unique lens to her work, where visual beauty and tactile experiences blend, creating a language that transcends spoken words. Her journey is marked by triumphs. At the National Abilympics, Farahin's art spoke for her, winning first place. Her achievements are a celebration of Deaf creativity and the unspoken depth of visual expression. On an international stage in France, her collage 'The Anger of Mother Earth' earned her a silver medal. This piece wasn’t just a painting; it was a tactile story about our environment, told through the eyes of a Deaf artist. 


Interpreters for Deaflympics

The 2025 Deaflympics in Tokyo is on the horizon, presenting a significant challenge: the need for more international sign language interpreters to support the diverse group of Deaf athletes from around the world. This will be Japan's first time hosting the Deaflympics, with over 5,000 Deaf athletes expected. However, there's a notable shortage of interpreters proficient in international sign, essential for global Deaf unity. The Japanese Federation of the Deaf is actively working to train more interpreters.

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