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Deaf woman stabbed for noise

A Deaf woman in Boston, United States is recovering after being violently attacked in front of her home. Cheryl Masucci was stabbed outside her apartment in the Brandywyne Village complex. Masucci, 56, said her 84-year-old neighbor approached her and attacked her as she was trying to enter her apartment. She was stabbed in the neck and hand and also suffered cuts on her hands while trying to defend herself. The police arrested the perpetrator, but his name has not been released. Masucci suffered injuries from the attack and now walks around with bandages on her neck and fingers.


Brothers from the bush

Chris and Peter Busch are two Deaf brothers and third-generation farmers who live and work on Gunaikurnai land in Gippsland, Australia. An Australian news broadcaster, SBS, recently highlighted this pair for their unique way of living. Chris has dedicated over 50 years to his family’s farm business, Busch Organics. Chris was inspired by his family's farming legacy. For Chris, farming isn’t just a job, but a part of who he is. Carrying the family legacy next to Chris is his younger brother, Peter, a skilled metalworker who creates creative sculptures. One of his proudest projects is a motorbike mounted on a pole. The brothers say they are very close - united by their Deafness, bonds of family, and shared interests and experiences. Chris and Peter attended different Deaf schools - Chris went to Victorian School for the Deaf, and Peter went to Glendonald School for Deaf Children. 

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Signed speech at Buckingham Palace

A young Deaf woman named Hafwen Clarke made history by giving the first British Sign Language (BSL) speech at Buckingham Palace in London, United Kingdom. She was there to receive her gold award alongside the Duke of Edinburgh after completing the Duke of Edinburgh's Award program. Hafwen, a 19 year old from Aberystwyth, Wales, works as a youth helper at St John Ambulance. She is proud to show that Deaf people can do anything. As part of her volunteer work, she teaches BSL to others to raise awareness and ease communication for Deaf BSL users. After completing the program, she's now officially a Duke of Edinburgh's ambassador in Wales. 

The Old Fogeys

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Deaf people take the lead in protection

At the heart of the General Directorate of Security and Protection of Toluca, a uniquely valuable team emerged to lead the way towards inclusion and social equality. Known as “Sentinels,” this trio of talented and committed elements relate what it means to be part of the security corporation. Mireya, Ana and Miguel, three Deaf people with unwavering determination, defy expectations and prove that disability is not a barrier to success. As monitors at the Municipal Command Control Center, their work goes beyond simply observing images. They are the tireless eyes that monitor every corner of the city and protect the population.

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