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Superstitious people consider Friday, the 13th to be a bad

In the case of October 13, 2006, in midst of the Gallaudet
protest (the second protest) over the installation of an
unpopular administrator as the next Gallaudet president,
over 130 students were arrested by the DC police. These
arrests were made at the request of the Gallaudet president,
for refusing to give up the protest and “go home.”

Eventually all of these arrested students were
released from custody.

Did these arrests ruin the future careers and
aspirations of these protesting students?


Twelve years later, many of these arrested students
have become:

coaches at schools for the deaf
teachers at schools for the deaf
federal government employees
administrators at schools for the deaf
a very high level White House employee
ASL advocates
ASL linguists
relay administrators

the list can go on and on, but above is for starters.

The second protest was not the Deaf President Now
protest but a different one regarding an unpopular