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DeafWire Edition – 5 March 2022

All videos are signed and closed captioned.

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Deaf Character in Animated Movie

New TV series, “Madagascar: Little Wild” added a new character, a Deaf Chimp Dave and his CODA sister, Pickles.

Three Deaf people worked closely with the producers at Dreamworks to make sure the characters are as realistic as possible in Using ASL, facial expressions, and body language. It can be seen on Hulu and Peacock.


Film About a Deaf Athlete

Vivo Malaysia, a technology company, created a 9-minute film about a Deaf female, Sil, who dreams of becoming a professional Karate athlete.

Sil trained, got a black belt and represented Malaysia in an international Karate tournament. The film, filmed with a smartphone, can be seen on YouTube.


Lack of Mental Health Support

In Northern Ireland, Deaf people are struggling to access Mental Health services. Louise McDonnell is only person to offers one-on-one counselling for Deaf people.

She said many Deaf people need more mental health support but struggle because of limited counsellors who can communicate with Deaf patients. Not all Deaf people feel comfortable with interpreters.

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Inaccessible Theatre Performances

In London, Alison bought tickets to a performance, “Frozen: The Musical” for her Deaf daughter. They provide captioning glasses.

The daughter caught COVID-19 so they asked to reschedule their tickets and found out that future performances won’t have captions or interpreters. Accessibility was only for one show. “I guess they just decided Deaf people don’t matter,” Alison posted on her Instagram.


Army Adopts Deaf Village

In Dadhkai, India, the Indian army is helping 100 Deaf people living in a village with clothes, food, and healthcare. The Army brought two teachers to teach sign language, life skills to survive, gain confidence and independence.

The army stepped in as the government had neglected the village.


Mental Health Campaign for Young Deaf

Australian “Hear For You” charity offers mentoring programs and workshops for
Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing people.

A Deaf woman, Olivia Andersen, created a social media campaign called #undeafeated to spread awareness how young Deaf people can get access to mental health services.


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