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DeafWire Edition – 12 March 2022

All videos are signed and closed captioned.

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Deaf actors/films nominated for Oscars

“Audible,” a short Deaf film and Troy Kotsur, a Deaf actor from the movie “CODA” were nominated for an Oscar award. CODA received a lot of positive feedback.

Audible is a documentary about a Deaf athlete, Amaree McKenstry-Hall; he struggles with the realities of navigating the hearing world. Nyle DiMarco is one of the executive producers. The Oscars will be held on Sunday, March 27th.


Deaf children face hunger

In 2021, there were more hungry people and less resources.The Deaf the community in South Sudan was hit hard. The Deaf Reaching Deaf for Christ organisation are helping to supply food to the Deaf community.

South Sudan is facing their hungriest year ever due to increased food prices, the economic downfall from COVID-19, and crops being destroyed from unexpected flooding.



In South Africa, a 36 year old Deaf woman, Tracy Duncan, decided to get a cochlear implant. It’s expensive in her country – she decided to raise money for Deaf children who want them. She will climb Mount Kilimanjaro with about 13 Deaf and hearing people.

In Mozambique, there are about 68,000 Deaf people. Their constitution states that all Deaf people must have access to information. In 2008, TV Surdo was established to provide information to the Deaf community.


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Deaf people in war

On February 24, 2022, Russia decided to attack Ukraine. The Deaf community in Ukraine is tight; they exchange information on social media.

A crisis team was formed to support Deaf Ukrainians with accommodation, clothing, and transportation. The World Federation of the deaf set up a donation campaign to support Deaf Ukrainans and to countries where refugees are welcome. You can make a donation on the WFD website.


Deaflympics 2022

The upcoming 24th Summer Deaflympics is in Caxias do Sul, Brazil. They will host over 6000 athletes from 100 different countries.

The Organising Committee is open to volunteers to join them and make the Deaflympics successful. Requirements are: over 18 years old; availability to meet the schedule, and know sign language. If all are met, then you can apply via their website.


Deaf Village

A Deaf Village will be built in Blackburn, United Kingdom. This is to reduce isolation among local Deaf residents, age 16 and up. Project funding is £700,000 GBP and is intended to encourage independence.

This 17th century “White House” will have many new updates and additions to adapt it into a smart home. There will also be a support worker and a night light nurse call support who knows BSL. They hope to open the Deaf Village this spring.


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