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DeafWire Edition – 12 February 2022


Cycling classes provide subtitles

Peloton, an American company that provides at-home exercise equipment, has announced live subtitles that are available during their cycling classes.

These classes, which became popular during COVID-19 lockdowns, allows people to participate in live cycling with instructors. Until now Deaf people could not follow these instructors. Now, thanks to a partnership with Microsoft Azure, speech-to-text translation now makes live cycling accessible!


Deaf Woman Barred From Her Own Home

After her father died, Chan Mei-wah a Deaf person in Hong Kong, was not allowed to enter her home.

She thought she co-owned the home but found out that a security guard, the executor of her father’s will, said her father gave the home to her. She has filed a complaint in High Court.



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Deaf Reach School

The two biggest issues affecting Deaf Education in Pakistan is lack of trained teachers, and lack of training resources in local sign language. With 1 million Deaf school age children in Pakistan only 5% have access to school.

Now The Deaf Reach is providing accessible and inclusive education to Deaf children for free, thanks to a collaboration with colleges and training centers to promote higher education among Deaf students.


Musician Pushes Interpreter

In January Big Daddy Kane, an American singer was seen pushing an ASL interpreter away.

After the video clip went viral, Daddy Kane apologized on his Instagram page
saying he did apologize to the interpreter but it was not shown in the video, and never meant to disrespect anyone.


Closure of toll booths impact Deaf

Many Deaf people work at toll booths but now that the Finance Minister of Ghana has closed down all toll booths on public roads and bridges due to traffic jams resulting in pollution, a representative of the Ghana National Associatoin of the Deaf (GNAD) appeared on TV to talk about the impact the closure has on Deaf people.

Deaf people had arrived at work one day only to find a notice informing them not to return to work again. GNAD says over 90% of employers avoid hiring Deaf people due to communication barriers, even though the country has outlawed employment discrimination.



AFRICA: Deaf football teams competed in Moi to qualify for the Deaflympics. The Kenya and Somalia are both strong teams but Kenya emerged victorious.

ZAMBIA: after 54 years of lobbying, the University of Lusaka has agreed to allow Deaf people to study law for the first time in history. The Deaf Assocaition in Zambia arranged for Deaf students tuition to be covered through scholarships.


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