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DeafDigest – 04 October 2020

DeafDigest Blue – October 4, 2020
Blue Edition – updated every Monday
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This week’s ASL videos in youtube:
Top stories about the deaf:
How was Beethoven able to compose the world’s best
music while he was deaf? Evelyn Glennie, a deaf
percussionist, who is considered the world’s best,
said that his inner ear for music is separate and
apart from his ability to hear!
DeafDigest mentioned that there is a brother team
of hearing surgeon and deaf operating room assistant
at a hospital in Ohio. It was learned that the deaf
brother, when not busy helping his surgeon brother,
has been teaching ASL with the hospital staff.
Nicaraguan Sign Language has been praised for
successfully evolving from Body Language movements
communicated by the deaf in the past to the
natural sign language (just like ASL) nowadays.
Phillip Glen Reinbold, who is deaf, passed away.
The obit said he loved building hobby model kits
and have built up a collection of 2,000 of these
miniature airplanes, ships, automobiles, etc.
The case of sign languages in the Czech Republic
and Slovakia is interesting. In the past both
nations were part of Czechoslovakia and everyone
used the same sign language. But when this
nation split up into Czech Republic and
Slovakia, the sign language changed – one was
the Czech sign language and the other one
was Slovak sign language. Both became different
from each other.
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This week’s ASL video in youtube
Is ASL used by the deaf at deaf schools better
than ASL used by the deaf at mainstreamed programs?
Many deaf people would say yes, deaf school ASL
is better.
Not always true. There are many deaf school
students that don’t sign well and there are also
mainstreamed students that sign ASL beautifully!
Do not always assume one ASL is better than other.
This week’s ASL video in youtube:
Lip reading tale
A deaf person was shopping for a new car.
He thought the hearing salesman said:
You can please the car
The hearing salesman actually said:
You can lease the car
longer list of bad lipreading words is being posted on:
this is a new feature. Do click on it from time to time
as the list is being expanded on a regular basis. Just
laugh or cry at these bad lip reading words!
This week’s ASL video in youtube
A deaf person lives in a condominium where
it is impossible for someone to come to the
door and ring the bell.
He makes an appointment with a repairman. He
cannot tell you exactly what time he will arrive,
but says “between nine AM and noon.”
The deaf person sits in the lobby for three
hours waiting for the repairman to arrive. He
already tried to call you to postpone the
appointment, but you didn’t know about it.
Very frustrating
This week’s ASL video in youtube:
Because there are no punctuation keys on the steno keyboard, over the
years court reporters and captioners have developed a number of ways to
write quotation marks.
If a captioner misstrokes quotation marks, it may be one of the hardest
errors to try to read through. One of the reasons is because there is less
uniformity in how captioners write quotation marks.
One of the more common ways is “KW-T.” The steno “K-T” for many captioners
is the word “account.” If you ever see the word “account” and it doesn’t
make sense, try mentally replacing it with quotation marks and see if you
can read through it.
Some examples of this would be:
She exclaimed, account Well, I’ve never heard of such a thing!”
He shouted, account We won! We won!”
Pablo Picasso said, account Give me a museum, and I’ll fill it.”
These should read:
She exclaimed, “Well, I’ve never heard of such a thing!”
He shouted, “We won! We won!”
Pablo Picasso said, “Give me a museum, and I’ll fill it.”
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News of the Week – Looking Back 10 Years Ago:
Pretty much hitting every single Deaf Media outlet was the
announcement that Carol Padden won the MacArthur award.
News of the Week – Looking Back 5 Years Ago:
The Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority
(just our own FCC) has ordered telecommunicationcarriers
to stop charging deaf people on voicecall costs, and to
just charge them for text use.
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