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DeafDigest – 25 November 2019

DeafDigest Blue – November 24, 2019
Blue Edition – updated every Monday
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This week’s ASL videos in youtube:
Top stories about the deaf:
At Kansas’ 3rd Congressional District, one of the
many candidates is Chris Haulmark. He is deaf
and was previously a candidate in another election
but was not successful.
A report issued by the National Deaf Center
said that late-deafened military vets are
not doing that well in colleges.
Alexandria Wailes, a professional dancer, who is
deaf, said in a newspaper interview – Face Is My Voice
The U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Connecticut
reached agreement with Disability Rights Connecticut
to ensure that deaf patients, seeking physical
therapy, be given interpreters.
Larry Kinitsy is the new chairperson of the board of
trustees of the Helen Keller Services in New York.
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This week’s ASL video in youtube
    A deaf husband and wife couple, both of them
anti-hearing extremists, walked into a local
McDonalds. They used ASL to order their food.
    Of course, the woman behind the counter
did not understand ASL. She called for her manager
to help. Yes, the manager also did not understand
    It only made the deaf couple angrier and angrier.
At this point, another deaf couple entered McDonalds
and saw this incident. They were so embarrassed that
they quickly left the place.
    DeafDigest does not know what happened afterwards.
But signing ASL with hearing people that does not
know ASL is the worst example of Deaf Extremism!
This week’s ASL video in youtube:
Lip reading tale
Years ago, the Yankees were playing a pre-season
game against the Nationals in Washington, DC.
Controversial Yankee superstar Alex Rodriguez
was at bat. The fans stood up.
The deaf fan thought the hearing fan said:
They are cheering him
The hearing fan actually said:
They are jeering him
This week’s ASL video in youtube
    An oral deaf person struggles with ASL with
a deaf friend.
    That oral deaf person and that ASL deaf person
were invited to a hearing party.
    That oral deaf person rejects the ASL deaf
person during that party because he wants to
communicate with hearing. The funny thing is that
he struggles while communicating with hearing.
    Which is better for oral deaf person? To
struggle with ASL with a deaf person or to struggle
to communicate with the hearing?
This week’s ASL video in youtube:
People often comment to me that there are no letters designated on the
steno keyboard. They wonder how we know what the keys are. In fact, some
people think the steno keyboard looks more like a piano keyboard than a
traditional computer keyboard.
When students are learning steno theory, they must memorize where the keys
are. Then they must memorize what combinations of letters to use to make
other letters.
For example, to write the sound of an initial “N” as in the word “nap,”
the steno student must learn that N is written using the index, middle,
and ring finger of the left hand on the top bank of steno keys. It just so
happens that the keys associated with that stroke are T, P, and H.
When a steno writer sees “TPH,” they will begin to see the letter “N.”
Since all initial consonants are written with the left hand, all consonant
sounds at the beginning of words must be written using different
combinations of the letters STKPWHR. These seven letters must be used
together in different ways to make all the consonant sounds that we use to
start words in English.
Having the letters printed on the tops of those keys really would not help
a steno writer remember all the different ways these letters are mixed
together to make other letters.
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News of the Week – Looking Back 10 Years Ago:
The Baton Rouge Association of the Deaf is putting
their clubhouse for sale. No new members are being
accepted. Proceeds from the club house sale will
go towards housing for deaf senior citizens.
News of the Week – Looking Back 5 Years Ago:
The National Association of the Deaf is conducting
a survey to see if the deaf clients are happy
or unhappy with their interpreters.
What became of that survey? Do not know.
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