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DeafDigest – 21 November 2020

DeafDigest Blue – November 22, 2020

Blue Edition – updated every Monday

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Top stories about the deaf:

Rorri Burton, who owns her Pro Bono ASL
interpreting agency in Long Beach, CA
has become a Who Wants to Be a Millionaire
contestant on TV.


A deaf owner of a small jewelry business
said, in a posting, that after some
struggles at the start, her business
is taking off. She has lamented lack of
knowledge and experience with media.


In an interview with Variety newspaper
Nyle DiMarco gave suggestions on how
Hollywood could help with opportunities
for deaf and the disabled that seek
employment in the entertainment field.


Where the Buffalo Roam, a digital production
company, is featuring a deaf hockey player
in animated action, showing the audience
how deaf athletes use four remaining senses
while participating in a competitive sport.


Does the field of architecture accept
deaf and disabled architects as peers?
No; this is what one such architect
said in an interview.


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This week’s ASL video in youtube


Do hearing people know they are hearing
every day? Don’t know.

But deaf people know they are deaf every
day. Deaf people depend on devices; deaf people
depend on their eyes all the time. And deaf
people go to Starbucks and always point at
the coffee on the sign on the wall.

And so on.

This week’s ASL video in youtube:


Lip reading tale

A hearing person was chatting with a deaf person
and was pointing at a third person.

The deaf person thought hearing person said:
This is understand

The hearing person actually said:
This is Anderson


This week’s ASL video in youtube

Years ago many deaf people knew who Mac Norwood
(captioned movies) was, who Boyce Williams
(voc rehab services), Fred Schreiber (NAD) was.
Times have changed. Do we know who the important
deaf people in federal government are?
Sad to say, no!

This week’s ASL video in youtube:



This week our nation will celebrate a holiday when we can slow down and
reflect on the many blessings we have in our lives.

As a profession, court reporters and realtime captioners have much to be
grateful for. Although many of us have struggled as our nation has
struggled financially, for the most part, realtime court reporters are
still able to find employment. They have skills and talents that are
necessary to record and communicate important messages in our virtual

I personally am very thankful for the hard work of the realtime captioners
who bring us newscasts, sporting events, and other live broadcasts. Much
of their work must be done when others of us choose to spend time with our
families and friends.

Most sporting events take place on the weekends, and newscasts are often
during dinnertime or at bedtime for many of us. There are live events that
must be captioned on holidays. When a disaster strikes or an emergency
takes place, captioners must be there at all hours of the day and night.
Thank you to all of you who have worked hard over the years to bring
access via captioning and CART to people across America.

For all of you who read steno, may I take this opportunity to say
And for those of you who do not read steno, Happy Thanksgiving to you!


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News of the Week – Looking Back 10 Years Ago:

A deaf man in a Terp magazine!

A terp magazine published by the RID? No.

It is a magazine published by the University of
Maryland. The university mascot is the Terrapin,
hence the abbreviation – Terp.

Anyway, Dr Steven Rattner, a deaf dentist, with a
huge clientele in the Washington, DC area, was
profiled in the magazine. He graduated from
University of Maryland in 1977.

It is a rarity that a deaf person would be profiled
in a hearing college magazine.


News of the Week – Looking Back 5 Years Ago:

Deaf travelers in Europe should no longer have problems
crossing borders next year. All they need is an identification card.

Agreement regarding a single identification card was thrashed out
among leaders in the European disabled community. One such leader
is Deaf European parliamentarian Adam Kosa of Hungary.

This has changed, maybe a bit, because of Brexit
restricting travel to and away from Great
Britain. Time will tell.


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