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DeafDigest – 12 June 2021

DeafDigest Blue – June 13, 2021

Blue Edition

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Top stories about the deaf:

A British national lottery is helping deaf
actors. Funds from the lottery is creating
a new organization that has the goal of
helping deaf actors get opportunities
in the film industry.


a newspaper brought up a mystery question if
a person wears a hearing aid in one ear.

Is he deaf in one ear only (functions as hearing
with his better ear)?


Is he deaf in both ears (may or may not function
as a deaf person in both ears)?


In an interview, Nyle DiMarco said that he produced
‘Deaf U’ is for the big reason that while he was
growing up, he never saw deaf stories on TV.


West Virginia Schools for the Deaf and Blind was
given a positive review by the State education board.


An employer in China that hires the deaf at his own bakery
said national care for the needs of deaf has been great.



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This week’s ASL video in youtube

At the American Revolutionary Museum at
Yorktown, Virginia, the museum movie had
But in one scene, the captions were
It was blocked by the fake smoke from
a smoke-making machine to show war fighting
with rifles and cannons!

This week’s ASL video in youtube:


Lip reading tale

A hearing person was chatting with a deaf person

A third person passed by between both of them

The deaf person thought the hearing person said:
This is Gas

The hearing person actually said:
This is Kass


This week’s ASL video in youtube

In the past, many deaf people (graduates from
Gallaudet, NTID and deaf schools) were proud people –
deaf, but successful at their jobs and at life.
Times have changed. After years of accepting their
deafness, some of them no longer accept it. Some of them
tell their friends:

I am not deaf

This is strange – because they went to Gallaudet
or NTID or deaf schools. And some of them participated
at few Deaflympics!
Changing times?

This week’s ASL video in youtube:



When stenocaptioning, we have seen that the final P and B are depressed by
the middle finger of the right hand, and the L and G are depressed by the
ring finger of the right hand. We have also seen that when you depress P
and B together, you get an N.

Most stenocaptioners use all four of those letters — P, B, L, and G — to
make a J sound. They must depress all four of them at the same time.

If the stenocaptioner were to miss the stroke with the ring finger, they
could get the N sound instead of the J sound.

Some examples of this would be:
The sheriff displayed his ban when he came to the door.
He trimmed the hen around his yard.
She didn’t want to answer, so she tried to don the question.

These should be read as:
The sheriff displayed his badge when he came to the door.
He trimmed the hedge around his yard.
She didn’t want to answer, so she tried to dodge the question.


Gallaudet men’s basketball history book for sale

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News of the Week – Looking Back 10 Years Ago:

We all remember the terrible blast near the New England
Homes for the Deaf some years back. It affected the
normal operations at the home for quite a while.
There is a new bill in the Massachusetts legislature
that would regulate operations of the boiler plants
everywhere in the state. And as a symbolic gesture,
the bill’s hearing will take place at the very
same site of the blast – New England Homes for
the Deaf!


News of the Week – Looking Back 5 Years Ago:

PlasticsSA is working with the Whisper Boat Building Academy
in South Africa to train thirty deaf individuals on
boat-building. It is with the hope that these trained
deaf individuals would eventually find employment in the
boat building field. Said a spokesperson:


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