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DeafDigest – 03 July 2021

DeafDigest Blue – July 4, 2021

Blue Edition

Serving the Deaf Community since 1996; 25th year


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This week’s ASL videos in youtube:


Top stories about the deaf:

Virginia Davis, who is deaf and is a photographer,

I seem to ‘see’ photographs all the time. Maybe because
I am deaf and I pick up more of what I see.


Deaf education in the days just after the Civil War?
The schools for the deaf taught in the oral method
whereas the black schools for the deaf taught
via sign language. This fact was gleaned from
“The Hidden Treasure of Black ASL.”


A deaf student filed a disability bias lawsuit.
His mistake was to bypass the federal education
law administration, instead going directly
to his home educational district. For that
reason, the Sixth Circuit ruled against him!
Complicated and confusing? Yes, and that
was why the voting by the Sixth Circuit
judges was not unanimous.


There is an upcoming program on British TV
that will feature the fight by the deaf and
the disabled for their civil rights. It
said that significant steps forward have
been made. Keep in mind there is no ADA
in Great Britain.


Windows 11 will be offering an easier way to caption
the screen.



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This week’s ASL video in youtube

You go to a bank to discuss a banking
transaction. The desk woman is very
deaf-friendly – but she writes back and
forth so many notes. It takes all
morning and you are still confused as to
what she is trying to tell you.
You go to another bank, and the different
desk woman is deaf-unfriendly – but she
uses few simple gestures – and you fully
understand everything! And it only takes
few minutes.
Which is best – deaf-friendly or

This week’s ASL video in youtube:


Lip reading tale

A hearing friend was telling a deaf friend
about a former major leaguer who was a
success in the real estate and financial
planning fields.

The deaf friend thought the hearing friend said:

Bob Turkey had a great career in business after
he retired from baseball

The hearing friend actually said:

Bob Turley (rest of the comment remains the
same as is)


This week’s ASL video in youtube

This is a true story; a deaf person went to a bank
and gave the teller a note.
The teller got scared and pressed the “bank robbery”
button to alert the police.
The police came to the bank, looking for the bank
robber. The teller pointed to the deaf person.
It was realized that the deaf person was not a
bank robber but wanted to ask the teller a question
about a banking matter.
Many bank robbers pass notes to the tellers
demanding money. Not that deaf person!

This week’s ASL video in youtube:



When we were looking at the initial consonants that stenocaptioners
depress with their left hands, we saw that sometimes a blended sound was
used at the beginning of words.

As we now are looking at final consonants, there are words where the
consonant sounds are blended at the ends of words.

We have seen that the final F and the R are both depressed with the right
index finger. Therefore, a slip of the index finger could cause us to have
the sound “-rt” instead of “-ft” and vice versa.

Some examples of this would be:
The apple tasted a little too Taft.
The daft hit the center of the bull’s eye.
The kitty was very sort and cuddly.

These should be read as:
The apple tasted a little too tart.
The dart hit the center of the bull’s eye.
The kitty was very soft and cuddly.


Gallaudet men’s basketball history book for sale

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News of the Week – Looking Back 10 Years Ago:

Captioned radio making a comeback? The original captioned
radio was broadcast in the Philadelphia Deaf Community
during the seventies, on a federal government grant.
The technology was old – these clunky TTY machines.
And now this – the National Public Radio just gave a
demonstration of its captioned radio product, for the
benefit of the deaf-blind at the American Association
of the Deaf-Blind National Symposium in Ft. Mitchell, KY.


News of the Week – Looking Back 5 Years Ago:

The “CC The Huntress” program viewed over the Internet
won the GTN Paranormal Emmy Award as the Show of the Year.
What about it? Well, a Gallaudet paranormal team was
part of the program!


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