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DeafDigest – 16 February 2020

DeafDigest Blue – February 16, 2020
Blue Edition – updated every Monday
Serving the Deaf Community since 1996; 23rd year

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Last week’s ASL Videos in youtube:
This week’s ASL videos in youtube:
Top stories about the deaf:
Sam Goodbody, a deaf apprentice electrician,
was recognized as one of British’s top
apprentices in an awards ceremony at
the House of Commons.
The AV Translation Center and the  Institute for
the Languages of Finland reached agreement
on subtitling standards for the benefit of
the deaf.
A fire has destroyed a deaf school in Zaire;
classrooms have been moved around to other
school buildings and authorities said a new
building will not be finished until 2024.
It was announced that a new deaf app will help
deaf voters understand the voting process.
There is some talk about Kentucky Department
of Education giving up management of Kentucky
School for the Deaf. Suggestion is that the
local Danville board of education could do the
job better.
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This week’s ASL video in youtube
    Two deaf brothers graduated from an oral school. They
did not know sign language. Their deaf parents were oralists,
and never used sign language at home.
    Both brothers went to Gallaudet where they became
ASL experts. They came home for the summer months from
    At home, both brothers got the biggest shock of their
    The big shock was that their deaf parents finally
used ASL at home! They were hiding their ASL from their
sons for many years. They felt safe using ASL when their
sons went to Gallaudet.
This week’s ASL video in youtube:
Lip reading tale
A hearing father and a deaf son, both basketball
fans, were watching a game.
The father pointed at one player on the floor.
The deaf son thought the hearing father said:
He is blind
The hearing father actually said:
He has blood
(face bloodied by rough action)
This week’s ASL video in youtube
    When we watch TV we laugh at these famous
GEICO caveman ads.
    These ads are false. In these ads, the Cavemen
use voice to communicate with each other.
    During the Stone Age, the early Cavemen used sign
language to communicate with each other for
many years.
    The GEICO ads should have used sign language
Cave Men!
This week’s ASL video in youtube:
Before court reporters started using computer-aided translation
(CAT), they would usually dictate or type their notes or use a person
who was a note reader to transcribe their notes. Most court reporters
at that time were taught to primarily use the asterisk key in the
center of the keyboard only to indicate that they had made a
As CAT became more popular, more and more reporters found another use
for the asterisk key. They could use it to slightly alter their
steno outlines to eliminate words that would be written the same
because they sounded the same. For instance, the words “pat” and
“Pat” would have been written the same on the steno machine because
they sound the same. Since all steno keys are capital letters, there
is no way to simply capitalize a word on the steno keyboard.
Some reporters found that they could add an asterisk to their steno,
and that could eliminate conflicts. In this circumstance, “pat”
could be written as PAT, and “Pat” could be written as PA*T.
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News of the Week – Looking Back 10 Years Ago:
A while back controversy swirled over Netflix’s captioning
issues. Netflix is now saying that their future HD streaming
videos will be captioned. Do we trust or believe Netflix?
News of the Week – Looking Back 5 Years Ago:
The Greensburg City Council in Pennsylvania
has agreed to pay an interpreter at the rate
of $60.00 per hour for its next council
meeting at the request of a parent of a
deaf child. Two interesting things – the parent
is not a city resident, and while the parent
requested an interpreter, she did not explain
why. Not wanting to get entangled into a
lawsuit, the council agreed to this request!
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