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DeafDigest – 19 November 2021

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – November 19, 2021

— deaf TV services damaged

What can damage a Deaf TV Services? That the provider would
pull the plug and shut it down? No – it was a fire alarm
that shut down the entire system – something to with
messing up the gas suppression. Making it worse that
deaf TV audience was kept in the dark, not knowing
why everything was off the air for a long time.
It happened in Great Britain when the BBC and Channel 4
went down in September. It is still down and December
is coming up. Why no back up system? Just ask the
network engineers about it!


— forgetting Deaf Film history

Writer-director Sian Heder told Variety that his
story – CODA – is the first one to come up with
a simple story on a complicated deaf family
dynamics. DeafDigest would be asking the
writer is he sure he knows what he is talking
about! In 1985, the made-for-TV movie – Love is
Never Silent featuring Ed Waterstreet (deaf),
Phyllis Frelich (deaf) and Mare Winningham
(hearing) won praises everywhere. 


— a confusing newspaper comment

A newspaper ran this comment:
He has been deaf in one year since his birth

Did that newspaper try to mean that:
He has been deaf in one ear since his birth

Which is which?


Deaf jobs – latest update

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