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DeafDigest – 09 November 2021

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – November 9, 2021

— a huge “Eternals” disappointment

There is a huge “Eternals” disappointment.
This movie won praises from the public –
but it comes with a disappointment. This
movie was not open captioned in movie
houses even though the leading actress is
Lauren Ridloff that uses ASL. Can’t
always win?


— comparing apples with oranges

Which tastes better – apples or oranges?
It is a matter of individual preferences.
Well, one deaf customer, trying to decide
which product is better, did something
interesting. She looked at TV commercials of
both products, and selected one that showed
better quality captions. Judging a book
by its’ cover? Well, many customers (deaf
and hearing) do that, even if it is not
the best way to decide one product over


— new movie about deaf fighter

Matt Hamill is having a movie about his
life story as a top collegiate wrestler
and top level UFC fighter. For the RIT
wrestling team, he won three national
championships in three different weight
classes, an unusual feat. And as a bouncer
in a bar, he was recruited to become
a UFC fighter, a new sport for him.


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