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DeafDigest – 04 November 2021

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – November 4, 2021

— deaf in top sports management

We read of people that work in sports
management – baseball, basketball, football,
hockey and soccer. As far as DeafDigest editor
knows, we’ve had two deaf individuals. One is
Michael Fischer, a Gallaudet graduate who
works for Los Angeles Sparks in women’s pro
basketball as Vice President, Player Personnel. The
other one was Ben Wade who pitched in the majors
and then after he retired, became Director
of Scouting Operations for many years with
the Los Angeles Dodgers. Any others in the
future years? Fischer knows ASL. Wade does not.


— deaf people signing while sleeping

Do deaf people sign while they sleep? Many of
them do, according to their spouses or partners
or their children. Do neurologists help stop
signing? Why would they?


— dangers of written notes

Many deaf people use notes to communicate with the
hearing – and it may be a danger! Hearing people
may read such notes and reveal private and
confidential information! DeafDigest editor
recently had a hearing person grab his pocket
notebook. It was then grabbed back by a very angry
DeafDigest editor.


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