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DeafDigest – 03 November 2021

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – November 3, 2021

— deaf people in a county says they are Dunch

Deaf people in Dorset, a county in southwest England,
all say they are Dunch. A joke or a dumb-sounding
word? No. It is a dialect that says they are deaf!
Residents of London do not use that dialect but
deaf residents of Dorset do.


— a reverse question

Deaf people hate it when hearing people pity
their deafness. A reverse question for the hearing
would be:

“would you want to hear?”

A silly question, but it is rude to pity deaf people’s
deafness to their face.


— deaf people that seek repeat election wins

there has always been a number of deaf people
that campaign for public vote in any capacity –
local, state, or even national. A few win but
most don’t. DeafDigest used to maintain a list
of elected public officials that are deaf –
and one thing sticks out – almost all of the
winners first time do not repeat their wins!
Why? Possiblity of brutality in bare-knuckles
political fights. Hearing candidates hate to
lose again, especially to deaf candidates.


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