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DeafDigest – 07 October 2021

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – October 8, 2021

— the deaf and the Holiday season

Many deaf people hate the Holiday Season
even though it is supposed to be happy
moments and fun to take part in. It is
that when hearing family members celebrate,
the deaf are left out. This is what the
Harris Poll surveyed, saying nearly 45
percent of the deaf hate such seasons.


— Mad scientist Kirk Langstrom

Kirk Langstrom, a comic book scientist,
and also as a villain, wanted to develop
a serum to help fix his sister’s deafness.
Like with these other Frankensteins, he
has become a bat/human (Man-Bat), on
path to destroying himself. Want to read
that comic book? Well, it appeared in
these early seventies comics before
being written off.


— a turbocharger rebuilding company

the Turbocharger helps heavy duty
vehicles travel long distances and
at high speeds – with no damage.
Somewher in Quebec is a deaf-owned
turbocharger rebuilding company.
Yes, it involved plenty of tests
to make sure all goes well by
these deaf technicians.


Deaf jobs – latest update

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