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DeafDigest – 04 October 2021

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – October 4, 2021

— an episode Seinfield could fix

Comedian Jerry Seinfeld was suggested to have
some of his old sitcoms fixed, if he travels
back in reverse Time Machine. Could he fix
the old “Lip Reader” sitcom which featured
Marlee Matlin as the expert lip reader?
Could Seinfeld have learned some signs
to communicate with Matlin, never mind that
his ASL knowledge is Total Zero?


— hiring the deaf and then hiring the hearing

A employer hired the deaf for a top level position.
This hire worked out very well, but that deaf
person wanted to move on and left for another
top level position. What did the employer
do? Instead of finding another deaf person,
the employer simply hired the hearing!



— deaf artist with an unusual skill

Lim Anuar, who is deaf, is an artist,
specializing in Batik art. What is it?
Working with clothes, he applies artwork
that is dyed and waxed to keep the work
clean. Art is not always painting or
drawing or taking pictures but something


Deaf jobs – latest update

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