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DeafDigest – 22 July 2021

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – July 22, 2021

— deaf biomedical scientist with unusual interest

Lorne Farovitch, who is deaf, is a biomedical scientist,
with an interest in zoonosis. Not knowing what this means,
a google search says it is a disease that normally exists
in animals but that can infect humans. Why zoonosis? He
said he has always been interested in learning more about
infectious diseases to find a way to stop it.


— the deaf and the right to vote

Deaf people that live in Texas, Florida, and Georgia,
are worried. Will they be able to vote in future
elections? The state governments in these states are
making it harder to vote, especially more so for
the deaf voters. Will the federal government help?
Hope so!


— from licensed practical nurse to registered nurse

DeafDigest editor knew of a deaf woman who was a
licensed practical nurse. She always wanted to move
up to become a registered nurse. The path was not
easy for her – because of her deafness an the
discouragement by medical professionals. There was a
story yesterday of Angela Knight, a deaf licensed
practical nurse who worked in that field for many
years. At the age of 50, she took a big step to take
college classes to become a registered nurse – and had
to overcome too many challenges. She is making it
sometime soon.


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