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DeafDigest – 06 July 2021

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – July 06, 2021

— deaf boy character delivers a joke

One of the most remembered scenes in the Grey’s Anatomy
TV series took place between a fake-deaf boy and
the Mark Sloan doctor character. The deaf boy
approached Mark, saying “Dad?” The confused doctor
realized it was a prank from another doctor, urging
the fake-deaf boy to be part of it!


— State general assembly provides no terps

Georgia is being accused of discriminating
against the deaf. The town hall meetings
hosted by the General Assembly across the
state are being conducted without interpreters!


— deaf actor pay vs hearing actor pay

Do deaf actors get paid the same money as
hearing actors? No, according to a survey.
It said that hearing actors out-earn
deaf actors by 45 percent. Not fair!


Deaf jobs – latest update

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