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DeafDigest – 29 June 2021

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – June 29, 2021

— the hard-of-hearing phone

What is the hard-of-hearing phone? It was mentioned
in a newspaper story. Is it talking about the Captel,
which shows captions of what the caller said?
Always an interesting way of saying the same
thing in different words!


— a family argument led to a police taser

A family argument led to a husband walking away and
refusing to return to his car. The police arrived
but they did not know what was going on and were not
able to understand gestures from the angry man.
Instead of requesting an interpreter, the police
simply tasered this deaf man. Because of the taser,
they are facing a lawsuit!


— hearing actress wants to befriend a fake-deaf character

EastEnders, a wildly popular British TV soap opera,
is featuring actress Suzette Llewellyn, who is not
deaf. She is urging her script writers to have
her “befriend” a fake-deaf actress. She said that
in real life, she has some deaf friends and
is learning British Sign Language.


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