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DeafDigest – 15 June 2021

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – June 15, 2021

— 93 percent is not enough

Paramount Pictures has been accused of not fully
captioning its movies. A movie critic said only
93 percent of the dialogue is captioned; seven
percent that is missing may be the key to the
plot in the movie!


— EEOC accuses Walmart of ghosting a deaf applicant

At Walmart, a deaf person applied for a job. Walmart
did not want to hire the deaf person and immediately
ghosted him. It meant Walmart is saying they cannot
be sued because the deaf person “never” applied for
a job. EEOC felt it was a trick Walmart was playing
with the deaf applicant, a violation of the ADA.


— worst case scenario: police officer knows no gestures

One of the deaf protesters said that a deaf person would
gesture something simple to the officer, who would not know
what it is all about. Scary? Yes!


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