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DeafDigest – 07 June 2021

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – June 7, 2021

— a film director became uncomfortable

DeafDigest editor thinks it is rare – that a film
director, after auditioning fake-deaf actors
for a deaf role, became uncomfortable. He
then decided to cast a deaf actor for this
deaf role – and was glad he did it! It was
for a 2017 movie.


— deaf patient never wanted to die

A deaf patient, having communication issues
with the hospital staff, did not understand
the question – do you want to be saved
if you have a medical emergency such as
breath stopping or a heart attack? He
“agreed not to” but without realizing the
consequences. He showed the agreement
papers with his family. Naturally the
family was upset, so was the deaf
patient – and they made a big stink
out of it with the hospital staff.
ADA? No, because the hospital is
in Scotland.


— a big ADA question

A deaf person wins a ADA lawsuit and thinks
is entitled to “millions of dollars”
award! Is he correct in thinking that
way – or did the attorney miscommunicate
with him? This is the big question:

What Do I Get If I Win An ADA Lawsuit?


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