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DeafDigest – 03 June 2021

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – June 3, 2021

— a newspaper editorial mocks interpreters

Not happening in USA, but in Fiji – that a
newspaper editor mocked sign language
interpreters. Yes, the readers were
very angry about it, so was the
government commission overseeing
the needs of the deaf.


— Comcast gives deaf man a break

A deaf senior citizen, with limited income,
fell behind on his monthly Comcast cable
TV payments. As a result Comcast shut down
his account. He was not allowed by his
doctor to continue with his employment,
and so, found some bills hard to keep up
with, including Comcast. He explained
this problem with a local TV news help
service. After a few minutes of listening,
the Comcast customer service representative
had the monthly bill slashed to a very
affordable rate. This deaf person now
his TV turned on, much to his joy.


— Basic ASL, numbers and alphabet poster signs posted at Amazon warehouse

At the Schodack, NY Amazon warehouse, one can see posters
everywhere on these Basic ASL, numbers and alphabet
signs. This warehouse has two deaf employees,
and they worked with the Amazon human resources
people to make this possible. So far, it is working.


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