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DeafDigest – 02 June 2021

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – June 2, 2021

— interpreting is not a dull job

A tweet said interpreting is a job that is not
glamorous, and it mentioned actress Camryn Manheim,
years ago, working as an interpreter. They are
our heroes, and to say this profession is an
unglamorous job is an insult to them!


— the deaf and the thumb

Said a tweet:
I made sure to always use the thumb for the number three
when communicating with the deaf

This is correct. When a hearing person uses his
first three fingers to indicate the number three,
the deaf person may get confused before realizing
it was about the number three. So, do use the thumb,
not the fourth finger!


— federal tax credits not always helpful

Many employers know that if they hire the deaf
they may earn federal tax credits. Yet, they
still won’t hire the deaf. They worry that
costs of accommodating the deaf is too
costly and that the tax benefits is no
advantage to them Not true, but these 
employers do not always listen.


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