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DeafDigest – 01 June 2021

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – June 1, 2021

— no voice when deaf actor communicates

from time to time there are deaf actors
in hearing voice films. And when they
communicate in ASL, there is no voice
for the audience to follow. Not not even
“pop up” captions which disappear when
hearing actors come on the scene and
use their voices. Why is it that way?
Possibly because the film producers
want it that way.


— to be a helicopter parent or not to be

A parent has a deaf child. Should the parent
become “helicopter” and follow the deaf child
around to make sure all is OK? Or to let the
deaf child fight own battles with bullying
hearing children? This was the issue a
parent raised in a newspaper story.


— unsatisfactory appointments

Deaf patients make appointments with medical
clinics and are given interpreters. Despite
clear communications, they go home unsatisfied
because of confusing and conflicting responses
from doctors and nurses to their medical
questions. Is this just a Deaf Medical
problem? Or it a Medical problem that
many patients, both deaf and hearing,
deal with?


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