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DeafDigest – 31 May 2021

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – May 31, 2021

— interpreter and deaf client do not understand each other!

Is it possible that an interpreter and client do not
understand each other? It may not happen in USA
because we have Certified Deaf Interpreters that
bridge the gap. But it is happening, in a small
way, with the British video relay service!


— comic book with empty texts

Could a comic book be without texts in some pages?
Uncanny X-Men is a comic book that has been around
for 58 years. One of the characters is Claire Connell,
who is deaf. And to emphasize her deafness, her
comments are blank! Good idea or bad idea?


— happy or unhappy with a new law in Washington state

Washington State Senate passed a bill to require
captions to be turned on with TV sets at all
public places. Happy? Yes, but this bill allows
airports, tribal lands and houses of worship
to have captions turned off! Not sure why
captions can be turned on in some places and
turned off in other places.


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