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DeafDigest – 25 May 2021

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – May 25, 2021

— non-verbal emergency service for deaf

Is there such a thing as “non-verbal emergency
service” that the deaf could use? A new app
is coming up on the market – which would not
require voice communications, but using two
phone taps on their phone. Why not just
911 text? The app developer says 911 has
failed too many times! Will this new
app work? One question remains – the telephone
is pretty much obsolete and how many deaf
people still have their telephones at home?
Stay tuned.


— best horror movie for people that hate horror stories

Is there such a thing as a best horror movie for
people that don’t like to watch horror movies?
An article said that “Hush” is the best horror
movie for horror haters! The leading character
in that film is a fake-deaf person.


— Deaf Monopoly or SignTown

A new online board game is coming up on
the International Day of Sign Language
this coming September. It is called
SignTown and it may remind board game
players of a popular game – Monopoly.
One of the partners helping create
SignTown is Google.


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