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DeafDigest – 12 May 2021

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – May 12, 2021

— deaf, but works as motorcycle paramedic and flight paramedic

Richard Webb-Stevens is deaf but performs both as motorcycle
paramedic and as flight paramedic. Possible for deaf to
find either positions in USA. Do not know – but it is
in London where he works for the London Ambulance Service.
His notable accomplishment? As the first responder
to arrive at the Westminster Bridge attack in 2017!


— due to communication and miscommunication issues, 4 interpreters needed

A deaf defendant in a court case requires four interpreters.
It is because of issues with communication and miscommunication.
Two CDI’s and two legal interpreters? Don’t know – newspaper
story didn’t say.


— a graduate from Johnson & Wales

Johnson & Wales is one of the world’s best culinary
schools. Graduates get top jobs in restaurant
kitchens. Jinhwan Kwon, who is deaf, graduated
after taking courses in baking and pastry.
It was not easy for him; coming from South
Korea, he had to learn two languages – English
and ASL just to keep up with the courses.
He hopes to stay in Rhode Island and find
a baking/pastry job; just do the paperwork
on Employment Authorization Document.


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