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DeafDigest – 12 February 2021

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – February 12, 2021

— the imperfect Zoom and the deaf

Zoom is not perfect. There was a hearing attorney
showing up on Zoom as a cat. And again of Cal Ripken, Jr,
the baseball legend, showing up on Zoom with just
his head and without his body! We can laugh; and these
hearing people use voice to try to fix things on
the screen. What about the deaf, stuck on Zoom,
if we cannot see their hands and faces on the


— a bobblehead for the deaf

The Cincinnati Reds Hall of Fame and Museum
will be distributing a new set of bobbleheads.
One such bobblehead will be of Dummy Hoy, who
needs no introduction to all of us.


— to be known as actor or known as deaf actor

An actor said, in a newspaper interview, that he
wanted to be acknowledged as an actor rather
than an actor of a cultural/ethnic background.
The same can be very said of our many deaf
actors and actresses!


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