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DeafDigest – 02 December 2020

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – December 2, 2020

— first time Deaf Villain

Many movies and TV programs have Hearing
Villains. We hate these Villains. But
what about Deaf Villains? Keep in mind
these Villain acting roles could give
opportunities for deaf actors to be
cast in these movie & TV productions.
Well, it was learned that Russell Harvard,
himself a deaf actor, played this such
a Villain role in the Fargo series shown
on Netflix. First time Deaf Villain?


— weird newspaper story

A newspaper story said:

37 deaf patients cured

The story said a hospital successfully
performed operations on 37 deaf patients
and they can now hear and speak as well
as any other hearing people.

Really? A deaf person, deaf and non-speaking
before the operation, suddenly able to
hear and speak well, after the operation?????
It takes years of training, coaching and
re-learning, and not just overnight.


— different way for ASL Santas with ASL deaf

Normally children, with their wishes, would
sit on the laps of these Santa Clauses. The
same goes for Deaf Children with these Deaf
Santa Clauses. There is a twist – Drive-in
Deaf Children meeting up with their Deaf
Santas. It is taking place in Comstock
Park in Washington (state). Just hope
that Deaf Children, not sitting on laps,
will get their wishes on Christmas Day.


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