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DeafDigest – 01 December 2020

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – December 1, 2020

— The unfriendly convenience store

What happens if a hearing customer enters
a convenience store (such as 7-11) and
finds it unfriendly because of heavy noise
inside? Would he try to communicate with
gestures or with notes or by finger-pointing?
A deaf group is sponsoring this special
workshop to demonstrate to the hearing
that they would face these same barriers
as much as the deaf would in these
deaf-unfriendly conditions!


— Deaf actress in a Disney+ streaming TV series

The Mandalorian is an American space Western streaming
television series shown on Disney+. One of the characters
is the Frog Lady. This role is played by Misty Rosas.
She is deaf – but functions as a hearing person and
does not use ASL. Cannot see her face because the
Frog Lady make-up covers it up!


— referees’ hand signals used in world’s #1 sport

Soccer is world’s #1 most popular sport. Referees use
hand signals during these soccer games. There was a
tweet posting saying that these hand signals were
invented by the deaf! Really? DeafDigest editor
does not believe it.


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