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DeafDigest – 30 November 2020

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – November 30, 2020

— eugenics illegal but will not pay victims

Today Japan said their old eugenics protection
law was unconstitutional, but would not pay
the victims. These deaf married couples could
not have children because of that old law,
and they have been very bitter about it.


— longest-serving deaf TV actress

We have great deaf actresses – Marlee Matlin,
Shoshannah Stern, Phyllis Frelich, Lauren
Ridloff, etc. But there was one great deaf
actress that served 30 years on a TV program.
Actresses normally don’t serve that so many
years but that that one did – and it was Linda
Bove, with PBS’ Sesame Street program!
DeafWest? She co-founded DeafWest with her
husband, actor Ed Waterstreet. DeafWest
continues as nation’s #1 deaf theatrical


— almost by 2-3 inches instead of 2-3 feet

A deaf jogger was complaining that cyclists
would blow their horn or scream “get out of
the way” that he could not hear, and was
lucky when these cyclists whiz by him just by
2 or 3 inches. Do these cyclists realize that
if the jogger does not respond, he may possibly
be deaf! In almost all cases, no.


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