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DeafDigest – 24 November 2020

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – November 25, 2020

— state requires police officers to pass exam about the deaf

The Texas Commission on Law Enforcement requires all
police officers to take and pass an exam about the
deaf. If they do not pass, they cannot get peace
officer license!


— deaf engineer oversees manufacturing of a military ship

Tony Madalena, who is deaf, is the director of operations
of a ship building factory which is manufacturing a
secret military ship. His job is to see that the
manufacturing steps are going smoothly on a day to
day basis. He was profiled today in a big story.


— Mozzeria is not dead

Mozzeria is not dead even though its San Franciso
restaurant closed up, as mentioned a couple of
times in DeafDigest. There is a Mozzeria food
truck that sells exactly the same types of pizza
that the restaurant used to serve. Operating
a brick and mortar restaurant is completely
different from operating a food truck – worrying
about parking spots, worrying about the health
of the engine, worrying about the weather,
worrying about the traffic gridlock, etc, etc.


Deaf jobs – latest update

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