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DeafDigest – 19 November 2020

— lies told by drive-in employee

An employee at a fast food drive-in refused to
serve a deaf customer, saying he had to order
through the voice kiosk. He posted this incident
on the facebook, and the company apologized
to him. The employee said he was too busy
to read the order written on a piece of paper.
Too busy to read the order which read as
cheeseburger with fries and coke! The employee
said the deaf driver was blocking traffic
behind him. Actually it was just one car
behind the deaf driver!


— Twitter finally realizing they discriminate against deaf

Twitter has come up with disappearing tweets, voice-only
chats, voice-only tweets. After realizing how discriminatory
their innovations have become, they’re putting a temporary
stop, trying to find ways to satisfy the deaf.


— a confusing story

A newspaper story, in part, said:

Recent Deaf and is fluent in American Sign Language

It is puzzling and confusing. People who became
recently deaf normally struggle with the learning
of signs for quite some time. Some eventually
become fluent; some struggle with it for life.
And the word – recent – is also vague. Recent
as if it happened few days ago, or last year
or few years ago?


Deaf jobs – latest update

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