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DeafDigest – 17 November 2020

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – November 18, 2020

— from deaf work environment to hearing work environment

A deaf person said deaf work environment is much different
from hearing work environment. In a deaf work environment,
it is easy to take for granted – interpreters, captions,
devices, person to person communications, etc. Not always
that so in a hearing work environment. What this means
is that the deaf person must advocate for himself on
his needs!


— reality TV’s first deaf contestant remembers something

Christy Smith became reality TV’s first deaf contestant
when she competed on the Survivor program in 2003.
During the daytime she was able to figure things out
by lipreading, but when it was dark, the contestants
would not make things easier for her; shutting her
out during private conversations!



The stakes were pretty much high in 1966 when
Congress proposed a new technical university
for the deaf. Several colleges competed for
this honor; the top two contenders were
RIT and SFVSC. RIT won and established the
NTID. SFVSC? It was San Fernando Valley
State College, which changed its name to
CSUN. While disappointed, CSUN moved on and
has grown to become the nation’s third
leading university serving the deaf, after
Gallaudet and RIT.


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