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DeafDigest – 13 November 2020

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – November 13, 2020

— refrigerator installer mostly speaks Spanish

DeafDigest editor had a delivery of a new
refrigerator in his residence today. The installer
crew struggled with English and wore facemasks.
How did communication go beautifully? One of
the installers was able to use easily understandable
gestures to make communications go smoothly.
It is unfortunate that most hearing people cannot
gesture well, but that one installer did!


— sad news; nation’s #1 deaf restaurant closes up

Mozzeria (in San Francisco) has closed up, citing
Covid 19 that hurt the business. It is not to be
confused with Mozzeria (in Washington, DC) as
both restaurants are operated by different
management groups. San Francisco’s Mozzeria has
had a great run, surpassing the 5-year benchmark
where 80 percent of new restaurants fail within
that time span. A deaf food critic said Mozzeria’s
dishes were one of the best.


— eight different ways to accommodate the deaf

Many employers scream they just cannot accommodate
the deaf, thus inviting themselves into unwanted
ADA lawsuits. According to an agency that
advocates hiring the deaf, there are eight different
ways to accommodate the deaf. These are – apps,
captions, text to speech, speech to text,
interpreters, texts, and to be so old fashioned
but so effective – note pads and whiteboards,
(or even blackboards)! What is our ninth
and tenth accommodation – very possibly many more
others that we’ve overlooked!


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