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DeafDigest – 12 November 2020

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – November 12, 2020

— difference between certified interpreter and qualified interpreter

What is the difference between a certified interpreter
and a qualified interpreter? Certified means RID
approval of their interpreting skills. Qualified means
very capable but not RID-certified. Does it mean
a certified interpreter is better than a qualified
interpreter? No. There are many great interpreters
that, for reasons of their own, do not seek
certification from RID. If the interpreter is
bad, then he probably is not RID certified, much
less being a qualified interpreter. Confusing?


— Deafness may be the reason for some games not great

Game developers are always looking for ways to make
their video games more dazzling and more sensational.
This may stop – especially with these 3D audio
games. They are aware that deaf gamers may be at
a disadvantage trying to play 3D games which depend
on sound and may be difficult to caption. As a
result, some game developers stay away from these
dazzling games! No one wants ADA lawsuits hanging
over their heads.


— interpreter’s angry comment

An interpreter plays competitive softball.
His teammates mocked him for working as an
interpreter. The angry interpreter told them
that it was deaf baseball players of years
way back that helped develop baseball signals
being used by umpires and understood by these
anti-deaf hearing softball players!


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