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DeafDigest – 03 November 2020

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – November 3, 2020

— TRSL lacks ASL

Those that follow Star Wars know about the
Tusken Raiders. Do they communicate?
Yes, thanks to deaf actor Troy Kotsur
who invented the Tusken Raiders Sign
Language. Does it look like ASL?
No, Troy, who is fluent in ASL, wanted
a sign language that is not ASL at all!
Interestingly enough Marc Okrand, who
worked as a captioner at NCI in the
past, invented Klingon, a language,
spoken by some Star Trek people.
Two such languages with these deaf
connections on Sci Fi programs! This
is amazing.


— a terrible police advice in Portland

Serious issues have surfaced between the people
of Portland (Oregon) and the police. There is
an accusation that the police told some
people that deaf people should not attend
public protests because of their deafness!
True or false?


— voting for the first time

A Gallaudet acquaintance of DeafDigest
editor told a newspaper writer that
at the age of 77, he has voted for
the first time – in a presidential
election. Why hasn’t he voted in the
past? Do not know.


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