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DeafDigest – 30 October 2020

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – October 30, 2020

— not enough captioners

Deaf people require captions, rightfully so, and
it creates problems for captioning agencies.
There was a short newspaper story about one
captioning company saying they need more
captioners and have trouble finding them


— another deaf with a colorful life

Edward G. Ziegler, Ohio, departed us. He was deaf
but functioned as a hearing person. He held these
various jobs throughout his life – family-owned
businesses, Ohio Department of Transportation, working
his way up from laborer right up to the top as
Special Projects Assistant Superintendent, and then
becoming a County Superintendent and then becoming
a truck driver. In between he was a mechanic and
electrician for a traveling circus group. There
wasn’t anything he couldn’t fix. He simply didn’t
like to work behind a desk.


— making impatient and hungry Marines happy

When Marines are hungry, they get impatient.
Good food makes them happy. And responsible
to making them happy is Kevin Tong, a kitchen
chef. Not only he is deaf but is also
deaf-blind and serves these Marines at a
base in San Diego.


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