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DeafDigest – 16 October 2020

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – October 16, 2020

— the deaf and the family dining table

The deaf, for the most part, has been left
out of the hearing family dining table
conversation in the past. Hearing comments,
if the deaf ask questions are always this –
“never mind” or “it is not important.”
Nowadays, it is made worse when family
members wear masks, cutting off communications
almost completely.


— Microsoft’s Deaf Artificial Intelligence

In the past, Microsoft paid no attention to the
needs of the deaf. Right now, the Deaf Needs are
a priority with Microsoft, especially with
artificial intelligence. Microsoft admitted
that in the past, there was lack of information
regarding the deaf as an artificial intelligence
category. We will wait and see how it all
works out for the benefit of the deaf.


— ASL classes affected by Covid-19 for one reason

There are many hearing students that take ASL
classes on-line, likely via Zoom. A student
explained that Zoom prevents the feeling of
an ASL environment, limitations on viewing
body language that comes with signing,
and seeing closely these facial expressions.


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