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DeafDigest – 15 October 2020

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – October 15, 2020

— useless robbery

A robbery was useless. A thief robbed a deaf man
of his Cochlear Implants. The thief is hearing and
does not need CI’s and would he think he can
make money selling the stolen devices on the
street? Anyway the police arrested him.


— another case of sudden deafness

DeafDigest editor has known of a man
who became deaf in middle of a telephone
conversation, and another man who went
to bed hearing and woke up deaf. And
now this, a woman became deaf while
walking. Sudden deafness cases are
always mysterious.


— entering doctor’s office is a horrible hassle

Doctors do not permit their patients to just
open the door to walk to their office. This
is due to Covid-19 concerns. One has to
use voice telephone to access the office.
And then to use Zoom to discuss medical
matters with the doctor. Said an angry
deaf patient:

always problems with technology – bad wifi
or screen scrambling around or screen
freezing up.


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