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DeafDigest – 14 October 2020

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – October 14, 2020

— Deaf U reveals something very shocking

Some hearing people posted on the social media,
expressing their shock that Gallaudet, consisting
of deaf students, has a football team. These
hearing people do not realize that Gallaudet’s
football history is storied – first huddle,
one of nation’s oldest collegiate football
programs, several players moving on to pro
football (not NFL, though) and winning several
conference championships.


— hearing forced to learn sign language

For years, before Covid-19, two neighbors, one
deaf and one hearing, worked together on gardening
projects. Sign language was not necessary as
communication was done via lipreading, body language
and gestures. This has changed – the hearing gardener
had to learn sign language for communication purposes!


— number #1 rule with deaf employees

When employers hire the deaf, they must
realize the #1 rule – ADA, ADA and ADA.
This means accomodations, accomodations
and accomodations. A deaf employee was
fired – and the issue prior to the firing
was – did the employer look for
accomodations first? This is the issue
in an upcoming court case filed by the
fired deaf employee.


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