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DeafDigest – 05 October 2020

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – October 5, 2020

— second deaf hotel 100 miles away

DeafDigest has mentioned frequently that Roberto
Wirth, a deaf man, owns Hotel Hassler in Rome,
ranked as one of the world’s best hotels. He has
taken over another hotel – Hotel Vannucci,
located in Città della Pieve, which is 100 miles
away from Rome, and is getting a big luxurious


— a person many deaf people hated was census consultant

Many deaf people hated Alexander Graham Bell because
of his anti-ASL, pro-oral advocacy – but way back
in 1900, US Census Bureau hired him as a consultant
on Deaf Questions with the census!


— Too much Zoom may be bad for the deaf

There was a report that too much Zoom may be
bad for the deaf. They get tired of concentrating
hard on lip reading and on ASL, especially when
the screen is somewhat blurry. Plus difficulty
in knowing when it is their turn to speak out on


Deaf jobs – latest update

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