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DeafDigest – 25 September 2020

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – September 25, 2020

— no one forgets a Deaf Legend

Beethoven passed away 193 years ago. Yet
music-lovers and non-music lovers all know
who he was. Very few people are well-remembered
so many years later after their deaths. Beethoven
is in that group of well-remembered select few!


— Deaf Man Cave; Hearing Man Cave

There was a big story in the newspapers about
Hearing Man Cave inside a hidden and
forgotten utility room deep inside, under these
Grand Central (NYC) railroad tracks. It is
illegal and these three employees have gotten
away with it for years until they were caught.
Deaf Man Caves at some Deaf Organizations and at
some Deaf Schools? In a way, yes. There have been
tales over the years of these secret (and
illegal) Man Caves at these Deaf Sites.
DeafDigest editor actually saw one such
Man Cave – but that was years ago.


— Judge’s ruling ordering the White House is flawed

A U.S. district judge in DC ordered the White
House to use ASL interpreters at all Covid-19
press conferences. A win for the deaf? Hope so
because this ruling only applies to Covid-19
briefings and not to all other non-Covid-19
briefings. And what happens if White House
stops these Covid-19 briefings? This is


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