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DeafDigest – 24 September 2020

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – September 24, 2020

— Forbes article – true or false

An article in the Forbes Magazine said
a person, who became deaf at the age
of 45, taught herself sign language
and lip reading in a short time, and
that she ended up teaching others.
True or false? Fact or exaggeration?
DeafDigest finds it difficult to


— Covid-19 hurts sponsorship funds

Professional racers depend on funding from sponsors
to allow them to race their cars. It is much harder
for one deaf racer. He had no problems getting
sponsorship funds from local hearing merchants
in the past. But when Covid-19 hit everyone all
around, sponsorship funds suddenly disappeared.
A hearing racer can somehow get some sponsorship
funds but it is different for deaf racers.


— a panel involving deaf owners of small businesses

There was a panel of deaf owners of small businesses.
The biggest issue among these business owners is
interacting with the hearing. They said:

some hearing employees resist the idea of deaf owner
giving orders and instructions

some hearing customers do not like to be served
by deaf owners

hearing competitors may deliberately create a playing
field that is not level for the deaf business owners

some deaf business owners use hearing family members
to handle telephone calls and for face to face
discussions with hearing customers



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