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DeafDigest – 23 September 2020

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – September 23, 2020

— the deaf leak

How often does it happen that the first deaf person learned
about a confidential matter that was revealed by the second
deaf person. It was assumed that the first deaf person knew
about it! Deaf leaks or hearing leaks? Same thing!


— author’s challenge

A hearing author wanted to write a mystery book about an
all-deaf town – and that these deaf people were better off
being deaf than being hearing. His challenge is to make
the story believable otherwise knowledgeable deaf people
would see through this fakery! This was what he said
in a newspaper interview.


— nightmare for hearing mother of two deaf children

The family of hearing mother and two deaf children
live off the grid – with very weak dial-up internet
connection. These deaf children are being remotedly
schooled – requiring all-day wifi links. As a result
she had to drive both girls to a library parking lot
to pick up wifi connection. Other times she has to
use the wifi that town shops and stores offer.
Sometimes wifi is weak, forcing her to drive around
the town, looking for a better connection. She
has asked the school to help but is not getting it.


Deaf jobs – latest update

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