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DeafDigest – 18 September 2020

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – September 18, 2020

— AI and the lost sign languages

There was a story that was titled:
Surprising Ways AI can help recover lost languages

Just add one word:
Surprising Ways AI can help recover lost sign languages

An example of a lost (or dying) sign language is the
Maritime Sign Language. DeafDigest editor saw a
video of a deaf person demonstrating this sign language.
Rest of Canada uses ASL, while in Quebec, the deaf use
French Sign Language. Years ago, the deaf of the
Maritimes used their own sign language. The younger
deaf of the Maritimes use ASL instead.

Would artificial intelligence help save these
lost sign languages? Hope so.


— deafness cures

A deaf woman is writing a book on efforts of her
family to try to cure her deafness. All of these
cures failed. Examples were religious events,
applying herbs, special food, plant-based food,
airplane diving, placing many different objects
into the ear, fake ear drums, opium, tobacco, etc.
These people just could not accept their deafness,
and move on.


— learning sign language five minutes per day

There is an app that says “Learn sign language in
5 minutes per day” – that easy to learn sign
language? No. It requires constant use of
sign language all day to pick up speed both
ways – reading signs and expressing signs.


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